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A Historical Overview of Mental Illness Treatment

Psychotherapeutic treatments are today combined with medical treatments to help schizophrenics. Psychotherapy involves regularly scheduled talks between the patient and mental health professional. By sharing experiences with a trained person, individuals with schizophrenia will gradually come to understand more about themselves and their problems. They can also learn to sort out the real from the unreal and distorted. However, psychotherapy is not a substitute for antipsychotic medication, and is most helpful once drug treatment has first relieved a patient of psychotic symptoms.

So it seems that with the wide range of treatments used for autism throughout history, time has taught us which methods have been most effective in helping an autistic child function in the real world . Although alternative methods could be effective, depending on the patients response to the treatment, educational and behavioral treatments have been the overall best treatments available for autism. Still, there is a hope that research will lead us to even more effective treatments for autistic children or even a possible prevention of autism.